3G SAF – You are Stomped!

Our 3G SAF has been stomped by a stomper. Apparantly, two guys in SAF No3 were caught by this stomper playing pool in uniform. Other alleged “crimes” include leaving his shirt untucked and taking out his name tag.

Our Stomp has since evolved into something as stupid as that. What is the real point in sending this photo? Like schools, our 3G SAF has their own delinquents. Why are we so busybody as to take a photo of such a minor thing? Unless the Stomper gets to win a little digital camera or something, I don’t see why he or she should even bother. Maintaining a high class SAF? Lol.

This Stomp post reminded me of another post. Remember the one where the policeman is sleeping in the police car? Well, maybe the public is getting too much into the uniform = strict rules and regulations thing. I guess its deeply rooted into our education system that when we go int an institution with a uniform, we must always uphold the image. Yes, uphold the image is the right thing to do, however, sometimes flexibility is needed. In the policeman example, he could be off duty and just did a 24 hour no rest duty, rendering him too tired. Thus, he fell asleep.

Granted, these SAF privates have no excuse, but the only wrong thing they did is to tuck out their uniforms and “smoke”. I say “smoke” because the photos do not show us evidence of smoking (if I am not cock eye). I think we should cut them some slack when it comes to playing pool. Even in the camps, we have pool tables to play too.

I guess Singaporeans need to keep to themselves more. Sometimes its better to close an eye and not appear to be so petty. The Stomper seems to be in a gleeful mood, saying “I will be looking forward to hearing from the respective units on the actions taken for their misconduct”. It seems like he has gotten screwed by rules and is waiting for people to get screwed too.

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