I’m trying MyBlogLog..

I’ve decided to try out MyBlogLog after how people have been saying that its good to try it, about how important it is to join a social networking site. Well, I am just going to try it out on my own to see how good it will be and whether it does bring an increase of blog traffic. ^_^

Other than that I edited some formatting and I will probably add an about me page soon, perhaps in the next half an hour or so. Hopefully this blog will begin to feel more like my homepage (gosh is anyone using this term anymore?) and that I can proudly say that I blog at The Ignorantsoup.

Others seem to have a central theme for their blog, my blog is just a random collection of thoughts and rants. Hopefully something will take center stage and I can still attract people who do read what I type. πŸ™‚

3 thoughts on “I’m trying MyBlogLog..

  1. you are under others ah..hahaha…you can be under the category of same as me..some people is zhuan men put earn money one, some zhuan men put NSFW one..hahaha

  2. Actually MyBlogLog is nothing more than just a directory. That’s my feel of it after being on Ping.sg, BlogCatalog and Bumpzee.

    To me, to break out of a directory into a community, some form of direct interaction must be going on other than just clicking in the directories. Among all, BlogCatalog is my favourite with a fast-moving forum. Alot of online activities like blogging for good causes and discussions…

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