Who is this NUS idiot?

See Stomp post here.

I’m quite pissed off and irritated at this Stomper. Frankly I think what he/she did is lame and thoughtless. We are now judging people based on our values system. Do we know what’s going on in their heads?

Tell you what, I know the reason why they are putting the trays on the floor. They have no space to accomodate all the trays on the table, plus they need the trays to put all the plates and utensils back to the clearing point. That is the reason why they put the trays on the floor.

Its raining that day and it may dirty the tray? Hell I think the trays would be wiped down before re-use isn’t it? Plus the photo doesn’t really show that its wet. It may be raining, but if the rain does not fall or dirty the area where they put the trays, your argument doesn’t hold.

Makes me wonder how some people think. Please spare a thought for others. This situation is totally uncalled for.

2 thoughts on “Who is this NUS idiot?

  1. Yeap… on of those stupid entries to Stomp. Seriously, the standard has degraded till this low that I’m replacing my daily comic section with stomp. lol.

  2. hey, this stomp article was featured during my cs1105 (computing & society) lecture today. lolz. according to him, those aren’t SoC staff… hehz

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