How to get real referrals for money..

Have you ever gone to forums and discover that there are idiots who post threads that has titles like this:

Earn money with EasyCashPro!
Earn money for surfing the net!
Earn money by doing surveys!

Most of the time, the post has only a few sentences, informing people that there’s this wonderful service that lets you earn money and that you can too. They then proceed to put a link there to attract people to join. When people join, they get money, because users click on the referrers links. The website company knows who refered these new users, thus the referrals gain money.

However, has anyone seriously signed up and earned plenty of money? Most of the time, people are attracted by petty gains, or what I call, small or insignificant gains. They get a bit of cash (not enough to cash out), and they want to gain more cash by referring people. The problem is, their referring skills SUCK.

To attract people to want to use the system, you must be able to persuade them why they can benefit, and how. People want to see proof and people want credibility. These two criteria are not automatically fulfilled when you post a 1 paragraph entry in a forum. We want information and we want it now. Do not ask us to pm you.

Think about it. Who is gaining here? You, the referrer will be gaining. There’s no free lunch in the world. Or dinner, or breakfast for that matter. You need to work for it. Even affiliate marketers who earn plenty of money online do work. They do not simply post something like this in a forum:

Wonderful Vacuum Cleaner!
This Vacuum Cleaner works wonders. It works for me and it will work for you too. Buy one today at blablabla…

So here’s my suggestion to anyone who wants to get real referrals. However I have one advice before I begin: Please do your research well. You may not be able to earn enough money in the end. If you are extremely convinced about the feasibility of your program, then follow my methods. They may not work 100%, but they definitely work better than any lame post on forums.

1) Get a domain name and web host

This is really a no brainer. You need a real website to promote the program you are currently on. A url with a unique domain sounds more credible than Or for that matter. Or Domain names are not expensive. Godaddy offers domain names that are pretty cheap and you can search for its discount codes. I got mine at S$12.00 for a year. For webhost, there are plenty of web hosts available that are pretty cheap. Do some research. SG Webhosting Talk is a pretty good place to start. Don’t ask me for urls. Google them.

2) Set up a blog

Maybe I need to explain a little here. You need credibility and you need to build them. A blog is an easy way of managing your content. Google “Content Management Systems”. A good CMS is WordPress, which allows you to have a blog on your own domain, like The Ignorantsoup. The blog is for you to detail your journey into the program from the start. Do add in your personal feelings to add that human touch. As you go along, you build up more content. When you get money from the program,blog about it. Do up an analysis of how long it takes for you to get your first cheque.

When people see your cheque (or the photo of it), and read about your journey and discover that it is really working, then will they decide that it is worthwhile to join your program.

Well these 2 points arn’t exactly the axioms of internet marketing. To really understand internet marketing and earn some pocket money online, I guess you need time,plenty of time. However these 2 points can get you started on getting more credibility.

After you build up a significant amount of content, enough to attract people to join, you may want to start playing around with Google Adwords. Let people come to your site and read. However you yourself have to decide if it is worth paying for. It makes no sense to spend $10 on Adwords to earn $3 in your program.

You may also want to be Singapore’s expert in earning little cash, and you can have a whole blog dedicated to the various schemes available online? If you can do that, your credibility will increase. However, Singapore is small and thus there can only be room for a handful of such blogs. If you want to do something, do it now. Do not wait!

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