Finger pointing a common occurance for all?

It seems the norm that when people accuse you of something, you say “not me”. Recently the news reported that most of the people are defensive when the NEA officials come to check if there is any mosquito breeding in their house. The reason why the dengue outbreak is still going on is not because of construction sites (the number 1 reason Singaporeans like to use for mosquito breeding), but at our homes.

People have always been pointing fingers at other things. Seldom have we taken full responsiblity for ourselves. Granted, that some people who say “not me” do really mean it. I for one, know that I can safely say “not me”, because my family has always been rather careful or I should say mindful about dengue. My family likes a dry house.

However, there are some times that I even have been guilty of finger pointing. Maybe not finger pointing, but rather shifting the blame to cover backside. It seems like a natural defensive ability to declare “not me”, and it takes a certain offensive ability to say “its him” when its not.

I feel that we should all take responsibility for the actions that we do. Sometimes, even when we did not mean it, we should learn from our mistakes and proceed on with our lives and never to make the mistake again.

However in this instance, I do feel that one mistake is a mistake too many. Let us eliminate the breeding in our homes so that when your neighbours get dengue and die, its “not me”.

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