I beg to disagree..

A fellow blogger wrote a post about his top 3 favourite PAP MP’s quotes. Well no offence, but I beg to differ on one of his quotes. I feel that as normal citizens, we have developed a system such that we feel that the government is always wrong, trying to cheat us etc. However have we asked ourselves if we will do the same thing if we are in their shoes?

I’m not a puppet of the government or something, but I do feel that there should be some reasonable thought going into the post before publishing it onto our blog. Well he is entitled to his own opinion and I am entitled to mine.

The quote in contention is MP Dr. Vivian Balakrishnan on the issue of public assistance, saying “How much do you want? Do you want three meals in a hawker centre, food court or restaurant?”

To put it simply, I would say that I would do the same in his shoes. We citizens like to complain and say that $260 is not enough, and if he thinks it is enough, then he should live on $260 himself. Well, I guess if I am not working and I do not need to support anyone but by myself, I can survive on $260. After all, its free money. I did not work for it. As a person who receives public assistance, which are other people’s taxes, I should be saving my $260 for meals that are cheaper. I feel that it is right of our MP to ask that question. How much is truly enough? Should public assistance be enough to pay for Jack’s Place for lunch and dinner?

The issue is that if you are not working and you are getting free money, you have no room to complain. Unless a situation has emerged such that you have difficulty living your life on the money, (meaning to say you eat the cheapest and wear the cheapest) then we should debate on the policy change.

One on public assistance cannot expect to dine like a king, can they?

Or has anyone has other views?

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