Innocent Pregnant Ladies..

Don’t you think that pregnant ladies are quite vulnerable when they go on public transports? Their weak, under-developed fetus aside, they are extremely vulnerable to people with camera phones. Why are they vulnerable, you may ask, so let’s see some proof.

Pregnant Lady at Stomp

This pregnant lady was recently Stomped on the MRT because no one gave up a seat for her. Source: (Stomp, 3 Sept)

And a few other more examples: #1 | #2

Three examples in just the month of August / September.

I just wonder, did anyone ask for the pregnant lady’s permission before snapping that photo of her? Clearly, some photos does show the lady’s face and she might not like it when people take her photos like that. Besides, the purpose of sending photos to Stomp is to “shame” the people who do not give up their seats isn’t it? Then why, in certain photos, is the pregnant lady the “center of attraction”?

I think pregnant ladies are innocent and this is not a good way to treat a pregnant lady when it is clearly not her fault. I feel that pregnant ladies should be exempted from the shock of finding herself Stomped on a national “citizen journalism website”. I suggest that people who wish to Stomp for every single bit of thing exercise restraint in capturing the pregnant lady’s facial features. Perhaps you can just take the shot such that it is evident that the lady is pregnant, and yet the main attention is focused on the criminals discourteous passengers. In this way, we will save our ladies unnecessary stress and they may even be more encouraged to have babies since no one will be Stomping them unnecessarily.

Anyway that last sentence was a load of crap.

I stroke out the word criminals because, with all the attention being focused on these people, they may very well be seen as a criminal, however I do not think they deserve being labeled as such, thus I call them discourteous.

What do y’all think?

2 thoughts on “Innocent Pregnant Ladies..

  1. Welcome to Singapore!

    Although this kind of scenario isn’t exactly what you would like foreigners to see. (My opener sounds like wad u will use for tourism eh)

    Yes this is the ugly side of Singaporeans, who seem to have trouble processing information thru their grey mass before deciding what actions to undertake.

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