Justice catches up with Mr “Hide my own money with my wife”

Justice has finally caught up with our own Mr BlurHead, who is affectionately known as Mr Richard Yong, or rather, Mr Highly-Paid-At-Old-NKF-And-Loving-It. ChannelNewsAsia reported that Mr Yong has been sentenced to 15 months jail.

I think this is wonderful news. For those that are clueless (like those who still do not have a single idea what the Odex saga is about), you need to start reading the papers. These are the crimes that Mr Yong did:

Yong was asked to cough up nearly $1 million dollars in legal costs as well as damages to the NKF. He was declared a bankrupt in May when he could not pay up. However, he had sold several properties and transferred money to his wife and the total amount is believed to be several million dollars. This shows that he is so stingy and unrepentant that he couldn’t even fork out a million out of several million to settle this debt. That’s totally dishonest.

Being a bankrupt, he is supposed to get permission from the Official Assignee (OA) before he can travel overseas. However, Yong claimed he was clueless about the law and he left Singapore without permission. He was later caught in Hong Kong.

I think only a total fool or a frog in the well would still be ignorant over this Singapore law restricting bankrupts from travelling. Why would I say this? Does anyone not know our famous Dr Chee? Dr Chee is the SDP chairman who is repeatedly getting into trouble with Singapore’s law. The big hoo-ha came in the papers when he attempted to travel overseas as a bankrupt. Unless Yong does not read the papers widely, he would surely have seen many articles over the years about Dr Chee and that he is awaiting trial for his trying to leave Singapore. I, unfortunately, do not know if he has been sentenced for that crime.

Yong has shown himself to be utterly dishonest in his dealings (when he was in NKF and when he wasn’t). He has shown that he does not feel remorseful over his actions and that he is really greedy, preferring to find a loophole to keep his money. That is, by transferring his money to his wife, who is not the bankrupt.

Justice has long arms indeed. I think Yong will be happily serving his 15 months of jail time and I hope he really thinks and reflect about his actions. If he is indeed repentant, he will be forgiven after the 15 months.

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