A few tips and tricks to get more Pings..

I’ve been on Ping.sg for a few months now and I have been posting regularly..It seems that I have found some things that people can consider if they want to get more Pings..

Firstly, the timing matters. You need to get to the Top10 if you want to get more Pings, because once you are not in the Top 10 by the time your post enters the 2nd page of Ping.sg, it is difficult to be found ever again. Thus if you can, make it into top 10 and then the timing does not matter. People are at home at night, and thus the posts should be published at night, where more people will see when it is on the front page. For Saturday and Sundays, post late into the night, not at 8pm or 9pm because most people seem to be out and not at home reading.

Secondly, the headlines matters. Headlines with NSFW seem to pop up pretty frequently in the top 10, and headlines with beautiful girls seem to make it up there too. Else, write interesting headlines with interesting 1st paragraphs (they will appear in Ping.sg).

Thirdly, write posts that deals with what is popular now. With the right timing, you can be on of the 10 in the top 10 talking about the same thing,and you do not need a decent post. You can just regurgitate or paraphrase. Do not write about boring things like what is generally happening now.

Well, generally you will be top 10 if you are interesting, but your serious blog readers may be turned off by it. 🙂 Any other tips and tricks? Oh, if you can’t post at night, use wordpress’ timestamp feature!

7 thoughts on “A few tips and tricks to get more Pings..

  1. Yup I agree, most impt is to have good timing and a good title. But do take note that CONTENT is actually very important. Often we already have a few people’s blog that we will definitely read and pong cos their content is good.

    Yes if you post a misleading SEXY title, it will work for a while. But people will realise your post is just crap, after that it will be ignored.

    Hopefully this will not suddenly result in an influx of NSFW or blogpost just reposts what I can read in channelnewsasia. Its seriously ANNOYING.

  2. “Yes if you post a misleading SEXY title, it will work for a while. But people will realise your post is just crap, after that it will be ignored.”
    – arzhou

    I am actually quite skeptical about the above claims. History has shown that misleading SEXY titles REGULARLY get into top 10, even if they are from “repeat offenders”. Majority of the readers simply don’t bother. They will still click the sexy-titled post the hundredth times, and when they see that the post is crap, they will just close the window and click on the next sexy-titled post.

    Only a very small percentage of the community will bother to avoid these blogs. Sad to say, misleading SEXY title always work on the majority.

  3. Regarding the right timing, even when you manage to hit the ‘peak’ rush hour you’ll still have contend with those who suddenly post 5-6 consecutive useless entries that can quickly kick you out of page one before you know it!

  4. Yes I do agree with all of you..sometimes it depends on luck. Haha. One of the blog posts that I do hate is those that post a link to someone else’s blog. I think that’s rather..lame..

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