Click program to gain money?!

Recently in the forums some new money making opportunities have surfaced and it works by clicking on links that advertisers give you and you get money. Something about shares come into play too. If you purchase more shares, you can click on more links, giving you more money, in the form of egold at the end of the day.

Looks attractive? Sure is. Many have signed up under their referrals and everyone earns money, so to speak. It reeks of one huge pyramid structure and to me, it seems downright unethical. I have this stinking feeling that this whole program is going to disappear one day. The head of this business will run away? This perhaps is due to the fact that you can’t cash out immediately, and that the upline gains more money when there are more downlines clicking for them.

How much can you earn actually? One day, the people at the downline are going to earn very little. Advertisers pay a flat rate and it is distributed amongst all the people in that line.

You have to buy shares too, to click more. Where does the money go to? I guess someone at the very top? Yet forumers continue to contribute to this thriving and unsafe business.

Why is it unethical? If you have read my post on targeted traffic, this is actually an abuse of advertising dollars. Advertisers pay to get hits, they pay to get visitors who has a chance to buy.

Now, surely you would agree with me that such people who participate in such a scheme has less interest to purchase than to gain money. Considering that they are clicking for money, they will most probably spend less time on the website and has less chance of being persuaded to purchase a product. Does the advertiser gain? Not at all. Since we are making advertisers pay for nothing in return, surely such a company is unethical? It is abusing companies’ advertising budget by sending them stupid clickers who will not help the company.

And yet we continue to bring business to this market. Perhaps it is no wonder why advertisers are fearful in giving advertising companies deals. We are contributing to a global internet advertising fraud.

Now this program is brought up by a nemesis of mine, someone I fought with over the internet. It is no surprise why he is on my hated list. His doings seem unethical to me and yet he has this chauvinistic air around him. I haven’t and didn’t reply to that particular thread for peace sake. However I can’t help but to disagree with his methods and ideology.

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