Module Notes

As part of my service to my friends who read my blog, I have set up a new page called NUS Module Notes for the notes that I have compiled. Sadly I have only compiled 2 sets of notes. Anyway the page is password protected (don’t want others to come and abuse), so if you are a real friend maybe you can guess the password?

Hint, if the module code is an imaginary part and the module number is the real part, then the summation of the real part of 2 of my modules is the password. One of the two modules is common with my friend Jiahao in Year 1 Sem 1, and the other is common with him in Year 1 Sem 2.

For those that do not know Jiahao, then one of the module is the hardest module for me and the other is my favourite type of module, something I seem to do two times in JC.

5 thoughts on “Module Notes

  1. haha..ya sadly u wun have use for the fact i think only jh will prob use it if he wants..doubt the rest of the people in EE reads my

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