Hey people, please appreciate Singapore!

I was watching Xiaxue’s TV shoot on youtube and I went to re-read some of the articles, and one particular one really made me admire her.

The post is about people who don’t like Singapore by blaming the government for it and thinking that everything is the government’s fault and that they wish to migrate to other countries. In fact, Xiaxue mentioned that she loves Singapore and I must say I do too.

I don’t really like people around me blaming the government for every single thing that’s happening in our country. We blame and criticize the government for what they say yet we are the ones that continually re-elect them into government and give them a overwhelming majority.

Some people say “Oh I want to migrate to the Western countries and have a more relaxed life”. Do we have a stressful life in Singapore? I don’t know because I can’t compare.

My friends one posed me this question: If a famous company (for example Nasa or Google) hired me, will I migrate to America to work there? Now I do not blame my friends for choosing to pursue their dreams, but I for one will never compromise my citizenship just for a job.

I am born here and there is probably a reason for it. I’m a freethinker and I believe that whoever’s up there put me here for a reason, and that I am already luckier than the many people who still have to struggle for meals. If a potential lucrative jobs requires me to renounce my citizenship, I’m sorry but I would have to say no. I do not mind myself working overseas for a few years, but the basic criteria is that you have to let me keep my red passport. Deal or no deal?

I think the government is doing a good job in our country. Yes we may not exactly have so much freedom as compared to the United States, but I believe that freedom comes with great responsibility and we as a nation is not mature enough to embrace such freedom. In fact, what freedom do you crave so much that you can’t get in Singapore? You can say anything you want, provided its responsible and justified. You can eat anything you want, drink anything you want and fart as many times as you want. Hell, you can even smoke in the public! What freedom do you desire so much that you cannot get in Singapore?

Some people blame the government for the increase in GST. However we fail to see other countries who heavily tax their citizens. We say the government should provide free healthcare, but we fail to see that Britain has tried and the system is definitely not good and healthy.

Has anyone realized that no matter where you go, you are a Singaporean deep down and you will never be a first class citizen in anywhere of the world other than your own birth country? No matter where I go, I will never be a first class citizen and will never be as bonded to my friends as it is now.

If you do not believe, let me bring you to the point of the PRC situation in Singapore. In fact, a few days ago, some blogger on Ping.sg just blogged about stereotyping people from China. And I agree, there is discrimination. Not all China study mums are prostitutes, yet they seem to be portrayed as one. It is difficult for them to come to Singapore to live, and yet they are treated like 2nd or 3rd class citizens. What makes us think that, if we migrate overseas, we can live the life we want, and we will not be discriminated against?

Do I make my point? In fact, most people don’t. People flame Xiaxue for posting her posts, but yet what she says makes much sense. It is just the way that she put her point across that is different. That is one of the reason why I read and support her blog. Sometimes she makes a lot of sense, but people just misunderstand.

What I just want to say is this: If you feel that Singapore has a lot of flaws, either change Singapore by becoming a politician, or go and migrate. I don’t think we want to keep people who have such low loyalty to their birth country. In fact, please keep in mind that it is Singapore that groomed you and you are brought up using the Singapore education system. People want to come her to receive an education because we have a certain standard. Now be glad and stop whining.

Are you a quitter or a stayer? I’m a stayer and I will probably die in Singapore. Call me foolish if you want, but if war comes, I will be there in the frontline doing my very best with my fellow brothers protecting Singapore. Or if you want, you can call me ignorant. For who can be more ignorant than Ignorantsoup? I hope I gave you something to think about today.

7 thoughts on “Hey people, please appreciate Singapore!

  1. Agreed 100%, tired of people complaining this and that because of minor matters when they don’t get facts right like the GST increase thingy.

    Singapore all the way!

  2. as for the voting part… for those areas that are walk-over, it’s no challenge what…

    and for some u may want to keep him in there, like say the Health Minister. I think quite a lot of people want him to stay so that GRC will vote for him mah.

    And not all those who complain this that whatnot get to vote. Lols. My 2cents.

  3. Someone sent me this link to read. Suffice it to say that when I read your praises for Xiaxue, I knew what to expect. Pls go read onlinecitizen, NYT and BBC to have a more open world view. My 80+ yr old mother used to be a loyal PAP supporter. She voted the opposition in the last election and expressed her happiness that at least one of her children emigrated. She wished more could do so. She’s seen how badly the gahmen has treated her citizens in the last few years. Enough said , go widen your world view first….All the best!

  4. Well stayer, I think that you are committing a fallacy here. Does praising Xiaxue have to do with my own opinion of this issue? I guess that you dislike her, but whether I like to read her blog or not does not matter with regards to my opinion.

    It is easy to criticize and say get a world view, but you have not contributed anything to the discussion. What is it exactly that you find wrong about my opinion may I know?What view should I widen?

    In fact my post is not about praising our government and declaring them to be the best and that we should all suck up to them. Instead, I feel that we should not keep complaining? Wrong? Its your view. But I do not see how widening my world view is vital in this issue here.

    People like you say that the government has treated the citizens badly, yet offer no real support for your arguments. In fact, people keep saying the world out there is better, but is it?

    I may be ignorantsoup, but I am not that ignorant to the extend that I need someone to lecture me on what to read.

    Yes, I took your comment to be very offensive. So sorry about that.

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