Stomping on snails..

Recently another article on Stomp amused me. Its a few photos of snails on grasses and apparently this person was quite bothered by it to take photos to send to stomp. The headline is also weird. It reads, “Are snails helping to cut grass?” which seems quite sarcastic to me.

However my dear Singaporeans, do not be more ignorant than Ignorantsoup. Such snails are quite common. In fact I have a few at the grass patch near my house too. Even toads. Should I stomp them? Perhaps I can say that toads are having a mini Esplanade at my house area.

Funny how some mundane stuff are contributed to Stomp.Maybe tomorrow I will use plenty of tissue paper and say “Look at how much tissue I use!”

2 thoughts on “Stomping on snails..

  1. Haha..isn’t it? However Stomp has been giving me stuffs to blog about it. But seriously, Stomp is very successful because of all these people..haha

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