Why do we China woman this, China woman that?

This is not the usual blast the Stomp article entry, although I would say that there is some things to be criticized.

Either Stomp tried to sensationalize things by labeling China Woman, or that its the sender. I believe its both.

Why do we keep doing this? We repeatedly label them as from China, making it such that it seems as if China people are all doing something wrong. The white sheeps from China seem to suffer a lot due to the black sheeps.

“Put a stop to bad service,” the STOMPer said in an email on 18 Sept, after the encounter at about 6pm that same day with a rude staff she thinks is from China.

The problem with this is that the stomper does not really know if she is from China, and the only thing that probably led her to this conclusion is the accent. However my point is not how she derived at the conclusion, but rather, on the issue that society has become more biased against people from China.

Isn’t it?

Trust me, everything goes wrong on a China person, the proper nationality will be printed.

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