The latest Xiaxue lash?

Xiaxue just lashed out again. I don’t blame her though. She’s a little upset over the Just Shoot 3 saga, and she seems to be directing the bulk of her anger at a certain Mr Cai. I do not know who Mr Cai was before this, but I know who he is now because I watched Just Shoot 3 on youtube a few nights back.

Well, as a bystander I do feel that Mr Cai is a little too much. Maybe he is doing his job, maybe he is like this for every episode? I do not know. However I guess sometimes its a little too much because he seems to be taking it rather personal throughout the show.

Anyway I’m not going to take sides. I just feel that these online nasty commenting should stop. Many people are commenting that Xiaxue this and Xiaxue that, and they are mostly anti-xx comments. They say that she’s creating publicity to attract readers, but the irony is that, the people who comment are the one that is contributing to the hype, which in turn brings more traffic to her blog.

How many of us are guilty of creating publicity? Many of us. Many of us have used eye catching headlines that has nothing much to do with what the post has to offer. How many times have you clicked on a post only to discover that the whole post is just a link to another person’s blog?

How many times have you seen a title with the letters NSFW on it in the top 10? Almost everyday! The best thing is, there was a few times when the NSFW posts are perfectly safe for work.

My point is everyone does things to increase publicity. There is nothing wrong with that. Newspapers all over the world does that. The tabloid magazine you are reading has sensationalized headlines. Most of the times the headlines creates an expectation of something interesting that the article does not provide for.

Actually I find that the arguments XX made in Just Shoot 3 were pretty valid. If you feel that I am wrong, shoot me. People called XX a hypocrite because she criticize fake personalities but is fake herself. Yes she is fake in her nose, but she has never lied or created a fake persona regarding the nose. In fact, she informs readers that photos are photo-shopped and she isn’t as pretty as in the photos. Is that fake? Well its your opinion.

Some say that she’s not pretty so she should not talk so much. Is there a link there? I see no such links.

Well, these childish statements got to stop. If you can find a fallacy in her posts to attack her, do it. At least there is something going on in the organ between your ears.

One thought on “The latest Xiaxue lash?

  1. mr cai talk liddat one, though i nvr watch the xiaxue + steven lim ep. of the times i see bits here and there, the way he talks is very str8 one. and it’ll certainly offend some people out there. ah well, maybe it’s his job, or maybe it’s somewhat his true nature.

    as for blog titles, i commit very little of that (imo). 😀 /proud 😀

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