Hairspray – Fantastic Musical Movie (5/5)


If you haven’t watched Hairspray, do so before it ends its run in Singapore. Hairspray has been around for week and I finally caught it a few days ago. Hairspray is a musical-like movie, just like Grease, where there is a story, but most of the parts are in songs. The rest are speech, but songs form the bulk.

The songs are great and brings out the story very well. The story is about this girl who hopes to be on this particular TV show and what she did to get in. There are antagonists who wants to kick her out because she became popular, and has views that there should be racial integration on that TV show.

I don’t want to type out what goes on because its going to be a spoiler, but do go down and watch it if you want to be entertained. Oh..John Travolta crossed dressed too..Or rather, he’s a lady. 😛

Some links for all of you:
Official Website

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