Nuts about my project..

People who have been on my blog for a long time should know that I have this pet project called NextTutor, which I have been working on for months. In fact, in the recent days I have gotten so demoralized with it that I have not updated it.

Basically its rotting now and I have to do something about it. I need to decide which sections to keep and which to implement. Basically my aim is to help the tuition community so that people can search through tuition jobs instead of pouring through forums threads.

The whole project is beginning to become a gigantic problem. With regards to promotion, implementation and what have you.

Its much easier to maintain a blog than a website. Thats for sure. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Nuts about my project..

  1. yeah its easy to maintain when you can blog about anything. its rather difficult when its a blog-site..i dun even know what i can use to update..aniwae its like stagnant..argh..

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