If you could go back in time to change 1 thing, what would it be?

Let me post this question to everyone. I suddenly thought about this because a good friend of mine just mentioned via MSN that he wished to go back in time to change a few things in life.

I was just wondering about myself. If I were to choose to re-live my life again, what would I choose to change? There are a few things I have regretted in my life, one of them being my laziness at my PSLE. My friends went to special stream whilst I went into express. I’m not craving to go into special, but I wanted to join my friends and stay together. At the same time I didn’t want to feel inferior about myself.

But would I want to go back and change them? I doubt so. Even though I did not go into the school I wanted, or that I didn’t get the grades I wanted, I am very happy with that aspect of my life. I believe that the problem I had with my PSLE results actually motivated me to achieve a higher potential and maybe that is the reason why I went to do better in the O and A levels. It has also taught me never to be complacent with major examinations

I have also regretted my childish actions in secondary school and JC, something which I am ashamed to say but it has resulted in me being really unpopular in my class. I think most of the people around me think badly of me till this day, even though I really have changed.

However if I go back,what can I have changed about that? Its a whole 6 years of bad decisions. I doubt I want to relieve the 6 years again. Actually, it has made me grow up and learn what is right to do and what is not right.

I just feel that everything is part of growing up. Everything that happened in your life has a reason for it to happen. It is a way for whoever’s up there to teach you a lesson about life and you have to learn it and go on. I guess sometimes it is better to loosen up your bag of regrets and let it go away. Especially for me, I guess I should live the life I want, instead of living my life based on what other people will think of me. Why should I live my life based on other people’s perception, especially if they do not know me that well?

So cheer up everyone, life goes on.

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