The unforgivable sins..

Everywhere in life we meet up with sin, and sin can take many forms. For example, lying can be a sin. After all, its wrong to lie. Stealing is also a sin. I’m not going to talk about the 7 deadly sins (lust, greed blabla), but rather sins as in actions done that hurt others.

I’ve been giving this issue some thought lately, and I asked myself, what kind of sins would be the greatest sins to me? What,would be unforgivable to me? What, despite the number of yellow ribbons people wear, would I not accept or forgive? After all,there are actions that are too grave for one to forgive easily.

After much deliberation, I have found 2 unforgivable sins in my life. I have never met up with them and hopefully I will never need to.

Murder is an unforgivable sin simply because it takes away life. I’m talking about innocent lives here, lives whom people kill just for the sheer fun of it. I cannot forgive those who murder others. However, I support the death penalty. Why, you may ask. Isn’t it the same as murder? They have taken away a life and yet, using the death penalty, you are also taking away a life?

Well, this is because my opinion of justice is different. I feel that one who has committed murder has forsaken his place here on earth with the rest of us. He who murders cold heartedly has disrupted the goodwill we have here on earth and has spoilt everyone’s life.

What about murder in defense? Well I hope no one will ask me that because I think its plain stupid. Murder in defense is acceptable to me.After all, you are defending yourself against a potential murderer. Instead of getting killed, why not kill the murderer? After all, the murderer has given up his place here by deciding to murder you, yet you have a life to live. You have not decided to give up your place, and it is a right to protect yourself and your place here.

Why is rape an unforgivable sin? In fact, I place rape above murder. I feel that rape is a disgusting act that is worst than murder. When you murder someone, the victim dies and goes to heaven (or hell). (or someplace else). However, when you commit rape, the person lives and he or she lives with the humiliation and the pain of your misdeeds. He or she may be depressed and become emotionally unstable. His or her whole life may be wrecked and he or she has to suffer for it.

To make someone else suffer such pain and agony because of one’s actions is unforgivable. I simply do not have a wide heart to accommodate such offenders.

No matter how much yellow ribbons you give me, I cannot forgive people who hurt others so severely.

In fact, I do not think I can be a policemen because I don’t think my feelings and opinions on this issue is in line with the law. After all, I feel that such people should be punished by death.

If someone up there gives me special powers, who knows what I may become. For all you know,I may be going around catching criminals red handedly. And I won’t be the neighbourhood Spiderman or Superman. I will probably kill them. Sick? But those who commit such crimes are sick beyond help.

Disclaimer: The above article is a matter of opinions on the weighing of sins. If you do not like what you see, you can comment and we will have a discussion.

3 thoughts on “The unforgivable sins..

  1. You are too imaginative… but anyway yes i agree with the sanctity of human life. Hopefully anyone who forcibly deny a life with intention will be condemned to perpetual torment in a special place reserved for them.

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