Ignorantsoup is actually a shinigami..

Disclaimer: This post is actually quite bull-shit-ty. If you watch Bleach and can understand what I’m talking about then you can continue to read..if not, just forget that I ever wrote this.

Ignorantsoup is actually a shinigami. Or rather, Ignorantsoup is the name of my zanpaktou. Or the 2nd side of me. Ignorantsoup and I enjoy a cosy relationship and we work hard together to battle the hollows that come my way every week in the form of tutorials.

Ignorantsoup and I belong to a place called Soul Society where we live (study) and train.

Recently, Aizen-sama went over to the dark side, bringing with him 2 other captains of soul society and they created a new breed of hollows called the Arrancar. The Arrancar are tougher than the normal hollow and they have now appeared in my life. For the next 1.5 weeks, I will be battling Arrancar with Ignorantsoup in Karakura town (NUS).

First up, I have to fight an Arrancar who is especially good in mathematics and I have to destroy him by solving all the math questions he shoots at me. The second Arrancar is extremely good in physics. He knows how to accelerate himself by using an external force because he studies Newton’s Laws. The third Arrancar is a computer genius. He probably already scanned my moves and know me by heart. Its going to be a tough battle. The last Arrancar,the toughest of all and the shortest (3MCs only leh) is an Arrancar with an electrical type zanpaktou. I will probably barely survive.

Thus this week I will be subjected to the cruelest of battles, all for the battle in the coming winter when the Espada (final exams) come. Will I survive? Will I kill all the Arrancar with minimal injuries?

I will probably lose to the final one and barely make it, and I will desire to be stronger (like Ichigo). Then I will need to find a group of friends who are serious enough to train with me to conquer our inner hollow. If I manage to train hard, I may be able to make it in time to become a Vaizard when the Espada comes.

But in front of me is my adversary for these two weeks. I don’t have time to train now. All I have time for is:

Bankai…Separate Ignorantsoup…

P.S. Forgive me. I probably won’t have much time to blog in the midst of all these fights.

One thought on “Ignorantsoup is actually a shinigami..

  1. hmm. lol…

    entertaining. not bad, considering just finished attempting my 1231y tutorial. that one is espada no. -12 too powerful liao.

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