My opinion on the discrimination post on RudeSingaporeans

I read the post featured on RudeSingaporeans. The title of the post is discrimination. After reading it, I felt disgusted towards the woman mentioned in the story.

I have not met anyone like her myself who complain about other people’s actions openly. Most people I know will complain after the whole incident is over, but this woman voiced her own opinion out and the opinion is quite country-sist.

She labels a pair of kids as China people and scolded them openly. I have no problem with her voicing her own opinion, but she should not have used the word China in that sentence. It is a sweeping statement and it is quite biased.

However, there are a few stuff that I do not like about the woman.

1. Singaporeans should side Singaporeans?
I do not believe that. Yes we should support each other in competitions etc, but we should not blindly support. In fact, why should we support your biased opinion if our opinion is different from yours? If a Singaporeans commits a crime, should we side him if the victim is a foreigner?

2. We Singaporeans are number one
I feel that this is a stupid statement. Especially so when she claims that China people came and “spoil our image”. The fact is that this woman is spoiling OUR image as a multicultural and racial-safe country.

3. If we do not support her, this means that we are either not Singaporean, or married to a China Chinese
This is ridiculous and plain stupid. Its just like saying “If you do not buy my insurance policy then you are gay”.

4. Going to church signifies a good character
This is a big bullshit. Going to church every Sunday does not constitute good character. Neither does going to Church resolves you of all your sins. In fact, I think this quote from the bible says it best: “You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.” Before she criticizes other people, she should check herself out first.

5. Pure Singaporeans support MM Lee, PM Lee and love Singapore. PRs don’t
This is another bullshit statement. Permanant residents do make Singapore their home, and regardless of the number of PRs who are here to benefit and not contribute, we should not use a sweeping statement to criticize every PR in Singapore. It doesn’t take a pure-blood to support and love Singapore. In fact, some pure-bloods are a disgrace to Singapore.

I hope God smites the woman for her rude and selfish ways. She should learn some manners.

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