The recent blogging argument is tiring..

Well, anybody reading my blog consistently will know that there’s this recent “argument” in the comments section, and the whole thing is actually a gross misunderstanding. To be honest, most arguments occur when a party disagrees with whatever the other is saying, and if this party actually misunderstands what the writer is saying, then the whole thing will snowball.

Party A will continue criticizing the writer for his points, but yet the writer will keep thinking that there is nothing wrong since the criticism doesn’t seem to be able to apply to his points. It is in this way that misunderstandings occur, and the thing will become worst if there is a tinge of animosity detected in the comments.

Online, the world of words carry no tone. Tones are created when the reader reads the passage. Certain comments will sound offensive to some, but normal to another.

This recent spat has left me quite tired and speechless. To be honest, I got quite sick of trying to argue my point, and I got further demoralized when there are certain members of the public who became quite hostile against me. No one will read that comment because its in moderation and I deleted it.

However, this whole event has led me thinking that it is actually quite dangerous when I blog. In fact, things can be taken out of context in its entirety.

I feel that when reading a post, caution has to be exercised. When we comment, we should think about how the writer will feel. In my own opinion (mine entirely and you may have a different one, its ok), when I comment, I try to sound more humble and I do not question the writer’s post. When I disagree, I drop subtle hints in my passage by pointing out to alternative opinion and mentioning that what the writer says may not be wrong, but there is another opinion. I ask questions in the comment. I feel that by asking questions, you allow the writer to respond to it and he or she will respond to it better than outright criticism.

I also want to clarify that I do read Xiaxue’s blog, and I read it for entertainment. I should not be stereotyped, whether by XX’s fans or detractors. Fans may support and critics will always have their point. Whomever is right, I cannot and will not decide. I just read for entertainment and as a means of destressing. When I quote her blog, I do not use her blog to support my stand. More often than not, I link her because I find that the post is worth some though. It may be disagreement, and may be agreement, but that is nothing to do with the quality of my post.

I also find that sometimes what I blog about may not be what others read it as. If there is anything that you find wrong about my posts, do leave a comment and ask questions and make the tone milder. People do not take criticisms extremely well when it sounds offensive.

I also feel that we should avoid telling the writer that “if you cannot take criticisms then disable comments”. This is something that the blogger has rights to decide. In fact, this sentence sounds very offensive, like an attack on the blogger’s right. The blogger may have his own opinion on why he wants comments. Personally, I want comments to be a methods to discuss issues that may arise out of my posts, but I hope my comments would be of a friendlier tone. I do hope that people come to raise points and discuss, but I do not enjoy criticisms without any points to my post. It doesn’t really help the discussion.

The above is what I learnt and discover about myself in these few days. I must declare though, the above are reflections and not used as a means to criticize my critics.

I have selected to moderate comments, and I will not hesitate to delete comments because I learnt that I would rather delete comments than get into another broil like this again.

On a lighter note, when you comment, kindly not leave your nickname as a variation to my nick. It is a little disrespectful, but the main thing is that if you do not know why I name myself Ignorantsoup, then please do not tweak my nickname. Its quite funny to me when I think about the reason why I’m Ignorantsoup.


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