People talk big when they hide behind a wall..

Has it occured to you that people start to talk big when no one can recognize who they are? Well, sometimes I make that mistake too, but ever since I started commenting more, people have started to recognize me so I have to think twice when I say something.

I refer to the post written by A Tattooed Blogger and he has written about a post on Dr Chee. The title of the post is “A disease called Chee“. This post has generated quite a number of comments, just like my other post, and I have discovered that some people like to criticize the blogger and the best thing is they are named Anonymous.

These are the type that call people names but they dare not show their own face. Its really sad, but its true. The internet has given us some matter of privacy, such that we can flame others without revealing our true identity.

I have also made a comment, which perhaps people will disagree and flame, but I couldn’t care less. I guess I am still interested in discussion on such related issues, just that perhaps sometimes the discussion isn’t all that mature when name calling comes.

4 thoughts on “People talk big when they hide behind a wall..

  1. It is common now, don’t get upset over it. I display a slightly different personality behind the keyboard too, but of course I avoid being a (if you pardon my use of language) bastard.

  2. Haha well I’m not upset over it, just highlighting something thats rather prevalent in the online world today.

    I just feel that if they have the guts to insult or criticize, they should have the guts to put up some form of identification.

    Anyway wordpress allows us to put our emails and the emails will only be known to the blogger. Yet people put fake emails and hide behind a fake persona.

  3. Childish and irritating,haha…Dunno what they thinking, if u argue something, put it up la. Won’t die one, just verbal flaming. At least your pants not on flames (fire) ,lol!

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