An advertiser chose my site?

Well its good news for me because an advertiser chose my site (finally) via Nuffnang. In fact, I nearly wanted to take down the ads since there doesn’t seem to be any activity. However, it shocked me to have 2 ads coming at once at 2 different periods of time.

I guess I will be blogging about the whole experience, so first time Nuffnangers can see what’s the experience like.

I’m happy now..Or should I be?

Anyway it seems too good, especially with all the Nuffnang posts out there about their 1 dollar deduction for postal fees etc. I actually posted a comment on a post and the boss actually remembered my blog. Do you think that’s the reason I suddenly get allocated 2 ads? Hmm.. I’ll never know.

3 thoughts on “An advertiser chose my site?

  1. Well it will not affect my style. 🙂 Ads are a bonus, not a necessity. It just allows me to cover my hosting costs.

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