Should the toilet seat be left up or down?

Over the many years since the toilet seat was invented, when males and females live together, there has been an argument on what should the toilet seat status be. Should it be placed up? Or should it be placed down?

When men pee, they leave the toilet seat up so that there is more “area” or “allowance” to urinate on, such that they have lesser chance of dirtying the toilet seat. (Some idiotic men pee with the toilet seat and end up peeing on the toilet seat. That’s disgusting)

When females want to urinate, they need to sit down on the toilet seats to do so. Don’t come telling me about that latest invention where females can now pee standing up, because that is not the point.

Thus the age-old question is, should the toilet seat be left up or down? If its left up, the men benefits because they do not need to put the seat up just to pee. If its left down, the females benefits because they do not have to put the seat down to pee.

If you think about it mathematically, since shitting also involves sitting down, whether you are male or female (tarzen’s not included. They shit hanging). Thus it makes perfect sense to leave it down since the males need to shit too.

Females who have problems with their male counterparts leaving the seat up labels them as MCPs, or male chauvinist pigs. This label is insulting and derogatory.

Males, on the other end, see this growing trend of argument as a sign of “feminism”. Or one could also term, FCP or female chauvinist pigs. Since the point is that both sides do not want to stand down, they are both as chauvinistic as each other and are both pigs.

The issue could be resolved simply. There is no need for an argument, truly. In fact, just use your hands to change the toilet seating status when ever you want to pee or shit. Its really that simple. Only lazy people will argue over this lame issue.

Or actually, it could just be gentlemanly of us to leave the toilet seat down. However, do not use this gentleman point to argue, because you will just be a dumb and lame person.

One thought on “Should the toilet seat be left up or down?

  1. Yeah,my family all move it up and down. With 2 boys,not so hard la 🙂

    Dunno how come everyone argue with it.Just raise it up lah, or drop it! Haha..Interesting.

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