If we fail to punish someone adequately, are we encouraging crime?

I’ve been wondering, how does justice work? I’m not a lawyer, so I do not understand the law well. In fact, I do not know what normal citizens get for the same crime, but I felt that getting 7 months jail for causing someone’s death, and still showing no regret, is too much for me to stomach. Banned for 10 years? That’s no big deal.

The problem is not that he caused someone’s death with reckless driving, but that a few months back, he was seen on forums asking opinions on which fast car to buy. With this lawsuit pending, he still had the interest to buy a fast car knowing full well that he just killed someone with his lousy driving skills and huge ego. This shows that he has no repentance and has no guilt in his crime.

Someone who has no repentance should be suffer an harsher punishment.

By the way, if we let such people off with only 7 months of jail, are we encouraging speeding and killing of people in a motorcar accident? It does seem that whatever is done by the government, it is sending out a message. Is that fair? You tell me.

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