Why are we allowing appeal to pity?

What is appeal to pity? Appeal to pity is literally what it means. If I appealed to pity, it means that I am trying to make someone pity me, and come to my side. Why is this wrong? Appeal to pity is actually a fallacy. There is no attempt to convert someone through thinking and reason. I feel, that it is a dangerous thing if we allow appeal to pity to carry on.

Why am I starting on this appeal to pity thing? This is because I am sick and tired of the NMP from continually talking about her email that she received from Alfian. She keeps harping on and on as if it has damaged her moods, endangered her lifestyle and threatened her freedom of speech. She keeps saying its full of bad words, when only 1 vulgarity was mentioned. And now, a blogger reveals that the email was written months ago. I guess, we can claim that it was taken out of context more than SSing and the ODEX saga.

Why are the newspapers allowing all of this to happen? Why are we distorting the facts? Why are we making it seem like she is the victim when all she gets is 1 email with 1 vulgarity? Well, sadly to say, I have had my fair share of compromising academic freedom. For 2 years in NS, I get yelled at in english, hokkien and even malay vulgarities. Oh my god. I’m so threatened.

Oh the other hand, has anyone went to dig up the name calling for the other camp? I believe the conservatives ain’t very holy either. Hiding behind religion and morals without justifying reason. Calling others names and then pretending to be some holy person. Well, both sides have their fair share. So what’s the big deal? Why should we pity you that you got only 1 email like that? I got many comments in my blog. Some have 1 full page of porn links with explicit words. Shall I be offended? Gah.

I just cannot stand people who appeal to pity. Logic should prevail. Not fallacies.

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