The pot calling the kettle black..

Has it occurred to you the number of morons we have in Singapore? Whenever I want to laugh, I make a trip down to Stomp. Trust me, the things Singaporeans do are really funny. In fact, Stomp has shown us how effective our education system is.

I say, lets just stop all the Civics and Moral Education lessons, all the Hao Gong Ming (Good citizen) (is it still being taught) and what have you. Its obvious that its not working. Just check out the link above.

This person saw someone’s handphone drop off. This person then saw another guy picking up the phone. This person then noted that the guy actually alighted with the phone, instead of returning it to the owner. This guy had the guts to Stomp and complain that no one helped the poor guy.

Irony to the maximum. In fact, such a case would be a good usage of the word irony, and can be used as a teaching material in beginner literature. Judging from the angle the photo was taken, this man can very well be near the sleeping man. He could have done something, but he did not. But he has the courage to send it to Stomp.

Oh wow. What a great place we live in.

One thought on “The pot calling the kettle black..

  1. Hi! That’s what I always dislike Stomp about. I read on the blogs some time ago there was this idiot who posted to complain about his spoilt pirated game VCD bought. Amazing eh?

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