Is it a sin to mug?

Examinations are around the corner for university students. For NTU/NUS students, recess week starts this Saturday, and in 1.5 weeks time, the final examinations for the semester begins. For the other students in Singapore, for example, the O’s and the A level students, they are probably finishing their exams, if they have not finished.

Since the examinations is drawing near, I have been trying to mug or, in layman’s terms, study in a hardworking fashion. I try the past years practical exams in the hope that I can get used to it and get a decent grade. However, sometimes I wonder why we have build a culture such that mugging is seen as uncool, nerdy, or something to be undesired.

I have to ask, whose business is it that I mug? If I tell you that my aim is never to give myself room for regret, what will you think? Why does people have to make mugging seem like a sin, when whether I mug or not is ultimately my own business. In fact, I mug with friends, and I ask friends to school to study together too. Now, why do I have to be the one that is pointed out as mugging for the examinations when everyone else is probably doing the same?

Its pretty simple: People either mug and accept that they mug, or they pretend they do not and they mug at home. Else, the probably are too slack to care.

The question: Does being slacker than me give you the right to come and tell others that I’m a mugger and that I’m like some kind of freak? Hello? If you want to slack, you can jolly well do so. If I manage to finish my work on time during my practice sessions, that is a merit and should not be made to sound like something freakish.

I do put in effort in my studies and I hope I can do well for them. I happen to enjoy doing what I am taking this semester and I have a little programming background. Despite that, I have not been haughty and I have tried my best to help my peers when they have problems.

I just cannot stand it that we built a culture against mugging. I cannot stand it when I have to pretend and laugh around at those jokes on muggers. I mean, I mug, and I spend time with friends. I enjoy my rest times, and I enjoy my serious times too. There is a time for everything, and I’m already quite balanced.

My stand: If I feel that you are not honest with me, and seem to have a problem with me, I will put up my own defense against you. I will also not be honest with you and I will vehemently deny that I have started any mugging sessions or did any past year papers. If you are honest with me and are willing to study with me, I will share with you everything that I know and I will help you as you help me.

Something in 1 GUARDS Alpha says it all: For I know that my brothers depend on me, like I depend on them. So join me brothers, for he who fights along with me this day shall be my brother.

So, my friends, are you like my brothers? You have not fought with me in NS, so you can’t be as close a brother as my NS buddies, but can you be one? If you are a true buddy, I will treat you truly too. But if you ever make me irritated with those mugging bullshit, or lie to me that you did not mug when you obviously did, I will treat you like shit.

Point made.

4 thoughts on “Is it a sin to mug?

  1. it’s not a sin to mug, but i really dont like those people say nvr mug but at home mug like crazy type of people… lol…

    “Its pretty simple: People either mug and accept that they mug, or they pretend they do not and they mug at home. Else, the probably are too slack to care.” this sounded so much like programming conds… ok lar i’m doing my assignment now so my brain in that mode ~_~

  2. You mean this ah:

    if((people mug && accept that they mug)
    (pretend they do not && mug at home))
    if(too slack to care)
    people=dun bother;

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