The PR of Nuffnang…

It seems to me that Nuffnang has recently done a very well job in getting people to speak up about the good points about Nuffnang, so much so that I wonder if a blog is a place for personal opinion or a place where things could be rewritten to make the story different. I just read a blog entry (shan’t mention it here else someone will probably scold me).

This person used to write that he will never talk about Nuffnang on his blog ever again, but yet, after meeting the boss personally, started writing about Nuffnang again and twice too. One of the entries are his personal opinions on why nuffnang will NOT fail.

After reading it, I just felt that it doesn’t seem credible or factual to me. In fact, I wonder why someone who publicly declared never to write about Nuffnang again, will break that declaration. This is not a personal attack but it is my own personal opinions on the post.

The post mentioned why nuffnang will NOT fail. Below are the reasons and my opinions:
1) Celebrity Bloggers
The claim is that there are celebrity bloggers who are doing their selling advertisements space on Nuffnang and not in Advertlets. Hence, companies who want to have those blogs to feature their advertisements. Yes, that may be true, but it does not guarantee that Nuffnang will NOT fail. My reasons are simple. The bloggers may switch sides. It happens all the time. People go to where the grass is greener. It just have to depend on how they feel. In fact, just having celebrity bloggers and no normal bloggers will make the whole system a failure. After all, if you only have celebrity bloggers, then how can you call yourself Asia’s Number 1 community for bloggers? You have to add the word “celebrity” inside.

2) Ardent Supporters
This is highly questionable. How many bloggers actually goes to those events regularly? I know for sure the celebrity bloggers are asked to go to those events, but is that it? Many of Nuffnang’s bloggers are probably sitting on the fence, and in fact, it seems that plenty of bloggers have their share of criticisms. There seem to be more criticisms than praise. As such, how can one call them ardent supporters?

3) Good system
As far as we can all see and read, the system is not good. From what I have read, emails go unanswered till 25days later. In fact, the customer service system sucks to the core. Much have to be done to win the hearts and minds of the bloggers. You can’t call it a good system when there have been so many problems.

Let me declare, I am not against Nuffnang. I feel that it is difficult running a new business, especially one that interacts with bloggers, who hide behind their blogs and unleash hell. I do commend Ming for his endurance and I do hope that things could be done to improve its image. I am just wondering why propaganda is spread like this, when it sounds like unobjective thinking.

There are many things to improve,and let us as bloggers give Nuffnang suggestions to improve and hopefully they will take them up. Let us be unbiased when we comment.

P.S. I’m really sorry for missing this out: The blogger actually said that he will not write about nuffnang unless really necessary. So sorry for this.

13 thoughts on “The PR of Nuffnang…

  1. When I read the first reason – i.e. 1) Celebrity Bloggers – I actually laughed.

    Why? Because if you refer to what was said here, it appears to contradict one another.

    Now, I wonder how many people took what was said in this screen shot at face value, only to be left flat-footed with this about face now.

  2. To clarify what I meant, the comment by xx appears to suggest that her traffic alone won’t be enuff to attract advertisers for NN. But if traffic from even the minor bloggers is obtained, that’s another matter entirely.

    However, larry said celebrity bloggers are the corner stone of NN’s business, and this is one of the reason that will keep it from failing. That renders non-celeb bloggers obsolete, doesn’t it? And that begs the question… are non-celeb bloggers roped in just for show only?

  3. Looks like to me that person is the PR officer for nuffnang although he declared as not but from the report looks like it to me although doing it in a very mild way.

    Do one have to meet up with a supplier like nuffnang so that can recommend the service to customers? I don’t know about what kind of consultant he is but I rather be safe and stick to advertlets than to go all the way to have a meeting with the boss of nuffnang.

    If it is not a lousy attempt on the PR I do not know what it is.

    This guy has all but lost his credibility as a consultant. A biased consultant or a paid to talk blogger.

  4. xizor2000: Yes, I do feel that the reason is weak. Furthermore I do agree that it seems like non celebrity bloggers are not useful and are for show. As long as one has celeb bloggers on your list, you are set for life? I think that is wrong mentality. It can’t prevent you from failing. Furthermore, how many of those celeb bloggers will remain celeb 10, 15 years from now? Is Nuffnang going to try their every best to get ALL celeb bloggers so Advertlets will not be able to do so? Sounds like an uphill task to me.

    James Sng Well, he has declared time and again that he is not a PR working for NN, however, it does seem weird that there is an about turn and suddenly good things are spoken. However, the good things doesn’t seem very justifiable, and does not answer the question of why the customer service situation is not of satisfactory conditions.

  5. DK: Haha. I do feel that there is nothing wrong if he says he is the PR person for NN. However, this PR effort seems like a weak attempt, if he is indeed the PR person. Lots have to be done.

  6. In the long lesson if history, failures are always the result of not asking many and right questions. IF he was a true friend to Nuffnang, he should just do one simple thing: direct questions of community to the very essence of Nuffnang.

    You guys are right, he hasn’t answer the questions we need answers for, he only has answers to his own question, and many at that. Even he met up with the owner of Nuffnang, he refuse to ask questions of the community. The state of affair of Nuffnang is never about answering their own question. It is instead about the number of questions thrown at them to be answered. Even if it is by answer just one, they could had moved forward. Even if it is by answer one, community become collectively wiser.

  7. Bloggers are opinionated so it’s up to you to think I’m NN’s PR person. And if you seriously think so, please ask Ming to pay me a salary.

    Seriously, I’m likely to end up as an advertiser on NN, by using them for my clients’ campaigns – that was the reason for meeting Ming.

    Celeb bloggers are not only picked for their traffic IMO – heard of leadership marketing? Having an ad on their blogs suggests their recommendation for my product/service.

    The thing about the minor bloggers was my own deduction as a publisher/marketer myself (hmm.. if I was really NN’s PR would I have said this?).

    I personally think that it may become a problem for any BIG networks if they continue using the existing model – yes, on Advertlets and Blog2u too if they grow bigger.

    Hence, I’ve suggested a different model to Ming which would allow ANY blogger a change to make money regardless of their daily traffic.

    So if you still think that I have a hidden agenda although I’m really trying to help then that’s your choice. Like I told Ming, you can’t please everyone.

  8. In a way claiming not to be the PR yet looking like he is, that in a way is destroying credibility. Might as well just say rite you are rite? In a way it makes it look like those payperpost blogposts :p

    Then again I am not sure la, I am not an expert on PR or anything. Maybe it really is just people’s personal opinion yar? After all we cannot say all those anti nuffnang posts is PR from their competitors rite?

  9. I think its funny people jump to the conclusion that just because you speak up for nuffnang, that you are nn’s pr person.

    Is it wrong for someone to genuinely support a company without being their PR person. There are many ardent fans of MAC products who go out of their way to form communities and blog ALL about MAC products. Are they apple pr people?

    One example I can think of is Kevin Lim (inspector gadget) who obviously loves apple! He is obviously not their PR person but because he is not paid and doing it, doesn’t it make him more credible?

    I was also “accused” of being PR person of NN as well. But I understand that because Ming and I were friends before this already, and might find my statements uncredible and biased. Fair enough, if people want to say that. I won’t argue with it even if I disagreed because I might have said the same for someone else in my situation. But coming up and saying Larry is the paid PR person of NN is a bit far fetched since he did not have a close relationship with ming b4 all these started.

    He is not a publisher of nn, advertlets or blog2u.

    What I am trying to say is that just because you support something, doesnt mean you are paid to support it. I support and blog profusely about picnik, a photo editing software, but am by NO means their PR person. Will not, and will never be.

  10. eStee: Just to clarify, the title does not talk about larry as a PR of nuffnang, but rather that Nuffnang has successfully created a great PR opportunity in Larry.

    I do agree that there are people who genuinely support a company and not be a PR person. However it is highly questionable for someone to declare “The final post on nuffnang, seriously” and then continue to blog 3 different posts on Nuffnang again.

    By the way, I have never said he is the paid PR person. This blog entry is about his entry, not his actions as PR. Its just the feeling that people get.

    Something to note is the first time any hint of money or the word pay came from Larry himself.

    Larry: I hope you now understand that I do not care whether you are the PR person or not. That does not matter in the discussion. By the way, celeb bloggers putting up Nuffnang ads just means they endorse Nuffnang, not whatever ads that were put there. In fact, I think the best way to display leadership marketing is to pay the blogger to have a paid review, which is more effective in my opinion. Xiaxue recently did that for Informatics, if I am not wrong.

    I guess the crux of the matter is that people feel that your post doesn’t seem to carry any weight. Given that you had a talk with Ming personally, there should be something more in your blogposts. People expect to read a different opinion that answers the questions they have. However, what it seems to be is just merely propaganda on why nuffnang will NOT fail.

    Besides, your recent “fight” with Harry leaves both of you with lesser of a reputation.

    Anyway, the matter is now over, I do not care whether you are the PR guy or not. I just blogged to write about my opinion on certain points in your post. Nothing more. End.

  11. I think Larry had been Nuffnang PR person since don’t know when. If you had realised, whenever he write, his article is always singing praises of NN, missing out several key negative issues to the point of clear deliberate. And he only magnify all good points found discussing but not bad points.

    Plus the fact he is not even a user, what right has he to assume? However the right he has to assume comes from his field of work – DADA – Internet Marketing Consultant. Obviously for someone who put in the effort to praise a company to this extend must be paid for his marketing services right? But alas he hasn’t really painted the real picture to the world and thats the reason why he is getting the flakes. The world is not silly, they know what should be written and what should not be written to form a balanced article. It is also quite obvious to note that whenever his article is posted, owners of nuffnang would appear very quickly to form the other half of the marketing equation.

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