The charity suggestion to Nuffnang: How I think it can work

I wrote a post a few days ago talking about the owner of the money in the Nuffnang account. In that post, I wrote that perhaps Nuffnang can let us have a way to donate the sum of money to charity. Thus, those of us who have a little sum of money in our banks but do not want to cash out, or are unable to cash out, can utilize this sum of money. In fact, it would be great if everyone can exercise this option, so bloggers or celeb bloggers can choose to donate like a certain sum of their money.

A few bloggers, Harry (of why nuffnang will fail fame) included, asked about how we will know Nuffnang donated that sum of money. Well I thought about it and maybe the boss would like to look at this and see if it can be implemented. However, I do not know if this donation suggestion will be welcome by the community.

This is how it will work:

1) Nuffnang has already held several public events
Nuffnang is no stranger to limelight. They hold public events, movie sessions and what have you with celeb bloggers and normal bloggers. Since they are used to being in the center of attention (like now), they can jolly well hold a high profile charity event where they present a cheque to a specific charity. In this way, we know that sum of money is donated, and we know how much it is.

2) Transparency is a must
To have transparency, I propose that Nuffnang reveal who the donors are, or rather, their blog addresses. In a public statement released on the Nuffnang’s website, they can put up this list, followed by how much each individual donated, and show that the tallied amount equals to the money donated to charity. Hence, bloggers who donated can check the website to ensure that the figure they donated is correctly expressed in that website. Since Nuffnang is not a large company, perhaps they will not have resources to engage auditors to audit such accounts. Us bloggers will have to do our own audit. If everyone is satisfied that the sum is correctly represented, then it is sure that the money is donated to charity. The only problem will arise when someone realize that his sum of money stated is less than the actual sum donated.

3) Voting system
Those who donate can vote to say where their money will go to. I propose that the number of votes given be proportional to the amount of money donated. For example, every $5 donated gives you 1 vote. If you donate less than $5, you also get 1 vote. But $7.50 gets only 1 vote. This allows those who only have $5 or less in their account to donate. When you donate, you can vote which charity you want to donate to. The majority wins. It is only fair that those who donate more get their say in where the money goes. Furthermore, I feel that as long as the money went to a decent charity, I will not care too much.

What do you all think? I feel that for this to work, the PR efforts must improve. In fact, if their team is willing to take this up, they must show a high level of transparency.

Oh. Perhaps this can be made into an annual thing. Like every anniversary of Nuffnang, they will donate the sum of money to charity. By the way, it also bonds the community of bloggers together.

5 thoughts on “The charity suggestion to Nuffnang: How I think it can work

  1. Harry: Well I don’t think of it as a display of creativity. I genuinely feel that it can work and hope it can work. Unless creative here carries a tinge of naivety, then sadly to say I’m sorry. Haha.

  2. Harry: Thanks. It is my wish that a Singaporean Entrepreneur can succeed and things can go well. That said, Nuffnang has just tied up with Nike. For every 1 km that we clock (using Nike’s kit) running, I think Nike will donate $5. Sounds good.

    Hani: What do you mean? Nuffnang does not want to let you put up advertisements on your blog? Perhaps you did not fulfill the conditions they stipulated?

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