My take on the Pedra Branca issue..

Pedra Branca is an interesting piece of island. In fact, it is so vital to us that the Straits Times keep publishing this little box explaining that Pedra Branca is all about sovereignty. Well, I do follow my news, though perhaps not as much as some news enthusiast. After like 2 weeks of Pedra Branca debate, I’ve made my stand.

Allow me to be a little patriotic. Pedra Branda is Singapore’s!!!

I do not know whose land that is, because land changed hands so many times that its quite difficult to say whose is whose. However, I do feel that Singapore should continue having this little island because I find doubts in Malaysia’s arguments.

One thing that has been troubling me is that Malaysia actually published maps detailing Pedra Branca as Singapore’s till 1979 (if I never remember wrongly), where they suddenly placed it as part of their territory. That is one thing that they never answered properly. Why the sudden change? Its like your neighbour saying that part of the pavement is yours to place flowerpots, but suddenly she declared that it belonged to her.

Another point is that, if the land truly belongs to Malaysia, then why does Malaysia have to continually lie and distort facts? Perhaps lie is too much of an exaggeration. Then, why do they distort facts? I say distort facts because they have been shown to partially quote texts, and selectively removing certain portions in the text that were damaging to them. In short, its like that radio advertisement where you hear all the good things. Your son is a bad boy. His friend is different. John is a good boy. See what I mean?

If you have seen today’s papers, you would have realized that they wanted to make it seem that Pedra Branca is much nearer to Malaysia by using a different camera lens, so that the background appears bigger. That is cheating, I say.

I do agree very well with our DPM. We should be arguing based on facts and reasons. We should not be doing such underhanded things just to win. I’m just disgusted. I do hope Singapore wins.

2 thoughts on “My take on the Pedra Branca issue..

  1. A long standing issue which should have Pedra Branca attributed to Singapore long ago.

    Clearly farcical as they have given it to us and claim it back without substantial proof of ownership. Proximity counts for nothing in legal ownership of property… If they argue otherwise, I’m going to stand next to the Taj Mahal.

  2. Haha. Proximity allows them to argue why its favorable for it to be allocated to them I think. Anyway if the court rules not in favour of Singapore, I have just lost hope in justice.

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