How to get 300 for your aggregate in PSLE..

Following numerous parents complaints in the PSLE Maths paper this year, our top student this year in PSLE scored an aggregate of 294! This is by all means high. After all, the top students are normally around the 280s range. If someone can get 294, it means it is not difficult at all. Or is it?

Well, we now know how the exams work and next year, we can have a perfect score for a student in PSLE! This is how we can do it, together as one Singapore!

Firstly, after the exams, all the students who took that maths paper MUST cry. Their parents must write letters to The Straits Times and complain about the difficulty. They can say things like their son was demoralized after finishing his paper, or that their daughter refused to eat her meals because of severe depression (oh she couldn’t do part c for 1 question!!).

Following that, have reporters interview people to find out the difficulty of the tests. Have headlines like:
1) Retired teacher took 2 hours to solve 3 PSLE maths question with the help of a computer.
2) A professor in literature took 20 minutes to complete 1 PSLE maths question.
3) The top pupil last year, who scored 294, actually scored 50% for the examination, during her battle with chicken pox and claimed that is was hard.
4) JC student took 4 hours to complete the university-level paper.
5) The Dean of Mathematics ‘s 1 month year old daughter couldn’t do the paper.

Wow. What a big hoo haa that it. Perhaps, we may manage to moderate it such that the top student can get 300! Isn’t that wonderful? We can then brag to neighbouring countries! Wow.

I’m so amazed, I puked.

5 thoughts on “How to get 300 for your aggregate in PSLE..

  1. Hmm… Well. A very high score means she did much better than the others for each subject.

    Each T-score is worth 75 marks. If you scored the top in the level for that subject, you get all 75 marks.

    For you to get 300, you have to get Top for each and every subject, in the whole of Singapore.

    Therefore, logically speaking, 294 means she was very near the top of Singapore for each paper. if one gets in the 280 range, it means her overall percentile was still the Highest, but on the average she scored better than the others, but the margin of ‘better’-ness was lower.

    It is actually not due to the complaints, SEAB actually doesnt care 🙂 It’s pure percentile… But Wtf, is she so smart?! Wa lao. Haha.

  2. Wow. Is that confirmed? Haha. Anyway my point of posting is to say that there is no point in complaining so much. People still get high grades because its based on a curve. I hope parents and their children will stop whining.

    If that sort of behaviour is tolerated, I suppose everytime I take an examination, I would be allowed to complain till the cows come home.

  3. Yup it is based on standard deviation. SD is one component in the marks..Hehe, she must be much better than the cohort. She must have won the 2nd place in each subject by a huge margin, bless her.

    Oh we can complain, but they don’t really care, coz nothing really comes of it. Haha.

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