Is our MP knowledgeable in daily-living knowledge?

From what I see, one of our MPs doesn’t seem to have any knowledge on current affairs. From today’s “poor” people article:

MP Cynthia Phua said she has been advising the elderly in her ward to rent out the rooms in their flats to generate income.

She said: ‘A can of luncheon meat used to cost $1.30. Now it’s $2.50. Not everyone can afford that, especially the elderly who are not working and depending on handouts.’

I just have one comment. Isn’t the price of luncheon meat increasing due to the shortage of supplies rather than inflation? I think the MP is trying to talk about inflation, if not, then I do not know what her point is. If she is not talking about inflation, then I will say that the price i will eventually drop once everything resumes normalcy. If she is talking about inflation, lagi best, this is nothing to do with inflation in the first place. I guess she should change examples to talk about. Perhaps the price of flour?

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