More effective blog advertising method?

There has been plenty of discussion going on lately on blog advertising, and not so much focus was spent on methods of blog advertising. From my observations, I feel that there is one good way of blog advertising, and its not by advertising on a per million impressions or a pay by click basis.

The best method is to pay a blogger to do an advertorial on their blog. Not just any advertorial like those pay per post thing, but to genuinely invite the blogger down to try out your product and allow him/her to give their honest opinions on your product.

Have you seen Xiaxue’s blog recently? Before anyone starts to flame me or cause a ruckus as to why I have been reading it (and thus saying that I need to read widely), let me tell you that its about the method of advertising I am referring to, not her blogging style or whatever she writes.

Anyway, without going back to explicitly check, I can remember a few advertisements on her blog. Indulgz, or however its spelt, invited her 3 times to go down to their place for a meal, with a few of her friends. With all the photos taken coupled with the blog posts, it really gave me a whole new impression of that restaurant. I have never been there, but I now have a reason to. Next up is the t-shirt company, Local brand. They gave her a few shirts which she lovingly wore and put up on her blog. I will never forget the Annabel Chong T shirt. The third one that I can remember is infomatics. Infomatics gave her this PDA device which allows her to go for “virtual” lessons whenever she has time, thus for anyone who wants to learn when he is on the bus or something, can now earn some new qualifications.

Such methods of blog advertising leaves a different impression than just being repeatedly shown images of banners.

However, it is difficult to have a widescale campaign, since some money is spent in letting the bloggers try out the service, and you can’t possibly invite 5000 bloggers to try out your 5 course meal and have them write a post.

The bloggers who are qualified to do these must either have plenty of traffic (Xiaxue), or have a huge following because you blog about a specific thing. For example, restaurants can go for blogs whose theme is about food. Prada can go for blogs whose theme is about branded goods. Either way, traffic is a must.

This model won’t go well with the average blogger because they will never get any advertisements. It is not economical to use this method on a blogger with just 20 visits per day. Anything less than 100 unique visits per day is simply not acceptable.

Perhaps a reputable blog company (like Blog2u) can do this? However I have totally no idea how much $$$ can be earned from this. Haha.

7 thoughts on “More effective blog advertising method?

  1. Oh, this is targeted marketing, whereby the firms get hold of opinion leaders (innovators and early adopters) to do product testing and build preference and conviction. It doesn’t have to be widespread. Influential opinion leaders can have a rippling effect on the market. So rest assured smart and profitable firms will definitely not utilize this kind of strategies on the average blogger.

  2. Miss Loi: Haha. I doubt you even need advertising. You are probably the most famous tuition teacher-blogger in Singapore. Lol..

  3. Hey there Kenneth,

    interesting write up. As BLOG2u.SG is still very young in the market, we will take it slower to build a foundation first to establish ourselves.

    Personally I find that there are far too much focus on the star bloggers, I am more for the anti-heroes where we win by our actions and then take it from there.

    Focusing on just a few bloggers may have an impact but then again, some get their heads big and become arrogant about it. We do not want to associate with them and will not hesitate to cut anyone off when they abuse the fame that comes from it. We want to establish as a fun yet practical and accessible to all bloggers to make some dollars out of it.

    Money should not overwhelm the fun of real blogging 🙂

  4. Sorry fat fingers …

    anyway just to end, recently we blasted out an invitation to any Mac users to contact us to write about their experience with the gadgets from Apple and link it to iSHOP where they can enjoy the current promo (free xbox 360). It was offered to anyone that signed up, we sorta target it in general and not any specific star bloggers 🙂

    It be interesting to invite all these bloggers to some events and let them have a hand in free play the devices for as long as they want.

  5. Hi Paddy,

    Nice to hear from you. I like your stand on the anti-heroes. haha…

    Well blog2u has been a relatively good service thus far..keep up the good work!

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