’s service is great..

I’ve recently joined For the clueless, is the newest member of the blog advertising committee. The way blog2u works is different from Advertlets and Nuffnang.

Advertlets works on an unique impressions basis. The more unique visitors you attract to your blog, the more you earn. Occasionally, Advertlets will link you to an advertiser, so you will display a “full-time” ad on your blog. The one I had for the past month was for Snapfish.

Nuffnang works on a advertiser choose you basis. Once you are linked, you will start serving ads for one week or so. Depending on your blog traffic, you will be awarded a band number, and everyone in the same band gets the same amount of money. I average 30 unique visitors per day and I get about $2.80 for each 1 week ad.

Blog2u works totally differently. They get advertisers and you are informed if you are chosen. However, at certain times, you need not be chosen. For example, the current ad I have on the right, the situation is different such that blog2u asked for bloggers to apply for it. Anyway, you serve their ad for 30 days and they pay you $3.00. The thing is that they pay you immediately and not after the ad is done serving.

Blog2u impressed me even though some may say that the $3 they give is puny. Their service is really great and prompt. Within the same day, I can acknowledge my participation, get a confirmation to paste the ad code in my blog, and also for them to check the ad and transfer the money into my POSB account. That, itself, is service that is one up than Nuffnang.

Blog2u has chances to grow and who knows, their mode of operation may evolve and they may end up having more resources and we bloggers may benefit more in the end. What I hope will remain is their great service standards and level of competency. Thanks Blog2u!

For those who have not signed up, why not try blog2u now?

2 thoughts on “’s service is great..

  1. Thank you for your kind words.
    We will try to keep the standards up but all these have to go to the folks behind the scene that is making it possible everyday.


  2. Yes Paddy..every single one of the people working behind the scenes deserve a round of applause. You have wonderful staff. 🙂

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