Feeling a little entrepreneurial

These days there have been much talk about Ping.sg’s business meeting. This, plus the freedom during holidays, inspired me to pursue my entrepreneurial spirit and work on the tuition site that I haven’t been putting effort in for.

These few days I did some stuff to revamp my site. I changed certain sections and abolished categories. I set myself a clearer guideline on what I want to do. Since I have an issue on manpower, I got to work smart. I can’t possibly launch a million segments only to have 1 succeed.

Following Nuffnang’s and Advertlets’ featured bloggers, I came out with a featured tutor thing that can allow parents to check out a person’s photo and their answers to interview questions before deciding whether to hire that person or not. Well its in an early stage but I’m glad that 2 tutors replied and both replied positively.

The problem I have now is to convince people to use my service. Or rather, in the student database part. I need people to come and put up profiles of students looking for tutors. The most widely used page is the student assignment search, but the irony is that there are no assignments there! How sad!

Well, lots to work out before school starts in the middle of January. Jiayou!

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