Singaporeans should go for emailing classes

In my opinion, I think we should all go for emailing classes. I mean serious, professional emailing lessons. Most of us do not know how to write a decent email. These few days, I have been trying to get people to be featured on my NextTutor blog, and the replies I get are short.

By short I mean short like “OK”. Some put their names, some do not. It really makes things difficult for me when the email and the name is not the actual name of that person. I have to trough through my database to find that person’s name.

Some things to note about when replying to emails in a non-personal basis. It is not personal if the person is a stranger and not your friend. It is not personal if its an official matter.

1) Do include your name. People want to know who they are talking to.
2) Do use proper english and no short forms. Singaporeans have gotten used to short forms like mi and u or urs and what have you. Those are a no-no.
3) Do start with a decent opening like Hi [insert name] or Dear [insert name].
4) Do end of with a nice thank you. Be appreciative at all times.

Well, I have received some well drafted emails too. They brighten my day and make me feel that I am doing something nice, bearing in mind I am providing a free service and I gain nothing in return.

2 thoughts on “Singaporeans should go for emailing classes

  1. Good for ya jh! Better be safe than sorry in NS.

    Oftentimes, many people are unable to switch between the proper styles of communication in different situations.

    And of coz with many different scales of formality, it really depends on what is to be expected and achieved with each transfer of information.

    @Ignorantsoup, I really feel sorry for those people. Email etiquette is one of the more basic things everyone ought to know now…

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