The internet encourages perversity

I am of the opinion that the internet “encourages” perverts to thrive. I do not mean that the internet plays a huge active role in recruiting perverts, it does not ask one to visit porn sites every 5 seconds. However, due to the free nature of the internet, people are allowed to post what they want, and only the webhosts regulate the content.

Not all webhost regulates the content though. You can see it from the fact that there are porn sites online, and many other non-porn sites that are perverted too. The best example which everyone from will know, is that pervertic blog entries rank high on the top 10 pongs of the past 24 hours.

From my google analytics account, I see that many people come to my site by searching the word “upskirt”. Upskirt photos means photos of a woman taken from ground up. Which means you see the undergarments. Now I do not have such photos on my blogs and I don’t see why people are interested in seeing such photos. What I did in the past was write a post about my horror regarding upskirt websites sprouting up online.

I then realize, from past articles, that people are interested in downblouse too. What is downblouse? As I found out by reading more from those posts, downblouse is looking at a woman from top down. Now I do not get it. What is so special about that? If a woman dresses scantily, you do not need to look from top down to see what she is showing isn’t it? Besides, what is there to see? Nobody’s walking around naked or something.

The internet, because of its freedom to post, gives a platform for these people to enjoy their perversity. I think such sites should be shutdown because they exploit woman. Not exploit in the sense that they are taking photos of women, but that they take photos of women without permission? If that is so, then it is highly improper of such sites to exist.

In a way, the internet allows one to actively become a pervert. I hear from a friend that there is now blogs selling used underwear from Singaporean girls. It used to be from ebay, but now, there is a chance for some branding. Perhaps, one would like some Gucci underwear (used)?

I’m disgusted. Are you?

One thought on “The internet encourages perversity

  1. some webhosts want to have those kind of content cause there’s a decent amount of traffic going in so that they can actually earn something out of it.

    well i guess internet is a good way for some people to hide behind the computer and probably trying to do something they normally would not do in real life (taking *erhem* pictures for eg). So they try to find those people who put up such things? shrugs.

    but yah i dun like it when it’s taken w/o permission. those who willing take such pictures and put them up then it’s really up to them liaos. hahaha.

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