Popularity contests are never about popularity?

Have you wondered, with all those popularity contests going on, does it measure a person’s actual popularity? Personally, I feel that popularity is about how many people like you. A person with 1000 supporters is more popular than a person with only 500 supporters. Can we agree on this point?

Then, looking at recent popularity contests, for example, Asian Idol, or the latest Star Awards with the Top 10 Most popular artiste (male/female), it is hard to see how it measures actual popularity.

In my opinion, it measures a certain degree of popularity. It’s about how much your fans are willing to pay to support you. Isn’t it? Modern day popularity contests are such a wastage of money. Every call you make has a charge of about 20cents or more, and they go to the telephone service providers like Singtel. In a way, its like money talks. The more your supporters are willing to pay, the better your chances of winning.

The best strategy to win such popularity contests is to have a fan base with rich people. Rich does not mean you have to stay in a private apartment or that your household must have a monthly income of a more than ten thousand dollars. Rich in this instance means willing to pay for such calls. A family may be poor, but if their daughter is a spend thrift and they allow her to make such calls, they are considered rich enough to waste their money, so they are rich in this sense.

It makes perfect sense for companies to find the true popular idol. The one that measures fan base by numbers instead of measuring amount given to the telcos. This is because, when someone wins Singapore Idol, a recording contract is going to be given out. Records are going to be made and pressed, and sales revenues is dependent on the number of people buying the albums. Sure enough, during Singapore Idol, there would be plenty of vote calling fever. However, after the whole thing has died down, how many fans are still fervently supportive? Of which, how many would buy multiple albums? Thus, the one that is popular in the true sense will sell more albums, assuming fans remains fans and fans will buy only 1 album.

However this is not the case. Countless times we have popularity contests that are based on false popularity rather than true popularity. I feel, if we revert to true popularity, we may find that there are other real winners. What’s your take?

3 thoughts on “Popularity contests are never about popularity?

  1. Hmm..but still doesn’t account for actual popularity..lol..

    but nowadays, it seems that looks play a part..haha..so you may just be truly good…in looks..

  2. but if u’re only good looking bad in whatever u do, be it singing or acting, it’s only a matter of time people start to dislike you.

    i think alvin ng is one of those cases? though i dont think he’s that handsome either. shrug.

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