End of 2007

It’s the end of the year 2007 and the start of 2008 is just a few more hours away. Many things have happened in the past year and I should really reflect on what has happened.

2007 saw me as a newly fresh civilian and I started work at JD Power Asia Pacific for a few months as a data checker. Then after my job ended I decided to slack and took some time to learn php whilst doing some occasional tuition. Then I began my undergraduate studies at NUS in Electrical Engineering. One sem has been completed and I’m awaiting the next semester in 2 weeks time.

1 year has just passed like that and I’m sad to say I did not achieve my new year resolution of implementing exercise. Argh. I’m just so lazy and I got to change that.

2007 saw me having my own domain and having advertisements posted on my blog. 2007 was the year where the Nuffnang saga took a turn for the worst, then suddenly died down and ended. 2007 saw people criticizing me in my blog for something that till now I feel that I was right.

2007 saw me arguing with the boss in tuition and everything became just bad but in the end things were settled (finally).

It’s going to be 08 soon. I’m not prepared. But maybe, I don’t need to be. Life just goes on no matter what. Let’s just hope 08 will be better than 07.

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