How to really earn money from ERP and lots of it

Do you know a whacky idea to earn more revenue for the government using ERP and COE? Well I thought about it and I’m going to outline it here on this blog. However, before I continue, may I present a disclaimer. This post is not politically motivated and is merely a joke. It is just a joke response to our Transport Minister saying that raising ERP allows more cars on the road. The government is not doing this.

Do you remember our own Transport Minister? He says this:

“The use of ERP to manage traffic has made it possible for more Singaporeans to own cars than we otherwise could, and our vehicle population has grown from 680,000 in 1997 to 800,000 in 2006,” he added.

“It has also allowed the Government to rely more on car usage charges and less on car ownership taxes to manage traffic demand, and as a result, vehicle ownership taxes have been reduced. “

This means that there are more Singaporeans who can afford a car? This also means that more cars on the road.

The purpose of ERP is to lessen congestion on major roads. Does this mean that ERP has failed? No. The extra cars are plying those non ERP roads. Since there are more ERP gantries, and that there are more cars as a whole, this means that the non ERP roads will sooner or later become more congested. Thus, we need to implement more ERP gantries to solve the problem.

When we have more ERP gantries, the whole thing can be redone, and more cars are on the road. Thus more congestion in non ERP areas and more new ERP gantries.

Sooner or later, the whole of Singapore is an ERP gantry. Every 5m there will be one ERP. Tell me, how can we not earn money from it?

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