Disappointment with Advertlets..

I have written many posts about Nuffnang when they made a mistake, so it would be hypocritical of me not to take a stand on the Advertlets issue, even though many before me have commented.

After reading the many blogs, I proceeded to check my own website and I have also been redirected. Thus I have now commented out the code for all my advertlets advertisements, and I hope that Advertlets will send an email to every member telling us when it is solved so I can de-comment my advertisements.

If you have not heard or seen, the main issue is that Advertlets forgot to renew their domain name. Like what many others have asked, I will state it again:

Which online business forgets to renew its domain name? Recently, when Ignorantsoup.com is expiring (expires on the 15th of Jan), I received an email asking me to renew the name if I wanted to. Thus I think it is fair to expect Adverlets to receive such an email after all? I spent some time transferring my domain name to Godaddy, so I think spending a few clicks to renew a domain name should not have that much of a problem.

Hence the disappointment. For even I, a small time blogger will put it on my Microsoft Outlook calendar to remind me when my domain is expiring. An online business should not have made such a mistake.

The only consolation is that Adverlets has replied fast (faster than Nuffnang at least) and have taken measures to promise to fix the problem. Let’s just hope it will be finished by TODAY.

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