The universal celebration of Christmas..

Do you celebrate Christmas? In one way or another? Walking down Orchard road looking at the street lights, or even exchanging presents with your loved ones? Somehow, Christmas is the only religion-liday (religion + holiday) that is quite widely celebrated in Singapore..

Christmas is essentially a christian holiday, celebrating the 25th of December as the birth of Christ. However, the Christmas effect has infected all of us, and even if we are non-Christians, we wish each other a Merry Christmas.

Think about it. Have you wished your Chinese friend (if you are Chinese) a Happy Deepavali? So much so that you take effort to craft and sms and discover that the sms server got jammed? I guess not. Neither does that happen on Hari Raya, or Chinese New Year for that matter.

Thus I think Christmas is a very special day and it seemed to be a little religion-blind because everyone will celebrate it one way or the other, at least more than days like Vesak Day. People really treat it as an important day even when they are not Christians themselves!

I wonder if there are any other holidays that is as widely celebrated. Or should I say, if there are any religion-liday that is as widely celebrated… 🙂

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