Nuffnang seems to be asking for it now..

Important: Nuffnang administration has informed this blog that the comments were not made by them. I am sorry for the mistake.

I have just read Bobo’s post. I have seen the replies they have there and I think Nuffnang is asking for it.

A short explanation on the things so far. One day, Bobo wrote a post on her blog talking about the unsigned cheque that was sent. She sent the cheque back and for a few months there was no reply. Nothing. Thus she complained about it on her blog and wondered if there is any link to not receiving ads from Nuffnang when she has been receiving them steadily before this issue arose.

Do read the Nuffnang’s reply to her first.

Instead of informing her when her cheque will be sent to her, they launch into defensive mode. I quote:

First Bobo, we would like to apologise if you had a unsatisfactory situation with regards to your cheque from Nuffnang. However please bear in mind, we are not only handling one cheque a day. We can have several hundreds cheque going on any single day so mistakes are bound to have happened. Still i hope you can be understanding of our mistakes as we always strive to provide a perfect service to our customers even sometimes we are found short.

This passage seems to hint that Nuffnang has plenty of cheques to send every day. Lets assume its literal and that several hundreds cheque is about 700 cheques. Every single day. That amounts to 21000 cheques per month. Is that possible? The last I heard, there doesn’t seem to be so many bloggers on their network. And not all bloggers cash out every month. Thus this is an outright lie to pacify the customer. But it hasn’t answered the question: When will she get the bloody cheque?

All the replies are about them being busy blabla. Excuses, but no action. When you call Courts to complain about a faulty iron, are you willing to wait for months, and then receive a reply that Courts process several faulty irons a day? You want to know within a few days where you can send that iron for repair, or whether you can swop for a new iron (if its a faulty one right from the start). When you send things for repair, you expect them to call within a few working days to say it has been fixed. Not MONTHS.

It has been a few months since there has been much activity about Nuffnang. Yet they are not improving. They are not hiring more quality staff to cope with their presumed several hundreds cheque per day. (Probably sent to their own bank account to inflate the number). They are not responding fast, yet they are trying to launch some glitteri club when you don’t even feel good being a normal member.

Then, Nuffnang writes: Please support Nuffnang, we are an honest advertising medium, not the same you can say of others.

Wow. Nuffnang has now resorted to attacks on other advertising companies. Sadly to say, I think Nuffnang is not a honest advertising medium. It hasn’t been honest about where the cheque went to. (Perhaps someone’s pocket and got lost in the wash).

I’m terribly disappointed with Nuffnang. I have always tried to give suggestions in the hope that they will improve their standards. Sadly they have never met expectations and now resort to undermining competitors.

I’ve got this plan that I hope I can execute, but it will never work unless everyone comes together.

Those that want to cease serving Nuffnang’s ads, but have a small sum of money in the account, why don’t we lump all our money together and force Nuffnang to give it to a charity. I suppose if the sum turns out to be a few hundreds, Nuffnang can issue the cheque to a charity and the charity can put up a thank you note on the website stating how much money was received in total. After all, that money in the account is ours, whether we have reached 50 dollars or not. So what do you guys think?

4 thoughts on “Nuffnang seems to be asking for it now..

  1. Dear IgnorantSoup,

    As much as I feel touched that someone had took his/her time to answer on our behalf, that comment is NOT from ANY of us at Nuffnang.

    If you notice, when anyone at Nuffnang leaves a comment on a blog addressing issues such as this, it will never be left under the name “Nuffnang”. In fact, it will be left under the name of the Nuffnang staff attached with the Nuffnang e-mail address of the individual.

    You can check back any statements that have been made from Nuffnang, they ALL end with a signature which says

    “-Timothy Tiah of Nuffnang”

    Since its birth, Nuffnang has taken the stance of NEVER indirectly or directly attacking any of its competitors in the face of its members. We have gained the reputation of focusing on business rather than engaging on silly pillow fights like that so why destroy that reputation now?

    I hope you would please consider the validity of such statements.

    Thank you.

    -Timothy Tiah of Nuffnang

  2. Dear Timothy,

    If that is so, I am deeply sorry for my mistake. Please accept my apologies. I had this misunderstanding because there wasn’t only one comment made at Bobo’s blog under the name Nuffnang.

    I apologise once again for this blunder.

  3. Dear Santa Claus, if you read my previous posts then you will know why. I was very supportive of entrepreneurs. Full stop.

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