Many updates about NextTutor

Well I must say that I am happy with my NextTutor website although it isn’t very successful. For a first time solo venture, I am happy that I can achieve a PR of 2 ( I know its low la..but its a tuition site leh) and even attract tutors to post their profiles in my site. The last I’ve seen, I have 120+ tutor profiles on my site!

My main revenue collection comes from Advertisements given by Adsense. I have also recently placed Advertlet’s code in the NextTutor blog.

However this means that I will never be able to hire anyone to help on the site since the money generated is really little and its fuelling on my passion for the site.

I am happy that I finally got the featured tutors thing up and running, though it is difficult getting tutors to give me an email interview. Perhaps I should write a little tutorial on my blog called how to get more assignments, and then link it to NextTutor’s services to attract more traffic.

I am also trying to reformat certain areas because they do not seem to be so user-friendly. The look of NextTutor is only so-so in certain areas and needs more improvements.

Perhaps when NextTutor is more successful, I can add in more sections for revenue growing opportunities and then I can grab another partner in? Haha…

Anyway I have to first revamp and get it out of beta testing mode.

Entrepreneurship is really hard, especially one that doesn’t really generate much revenue.

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