Friendster is actually a lousy service

Don’t you think that Friendster is actually one of the worst websites in the world? For the past few months, I have not been able to login properly without having to click Try Again when it fails to load.

Just to navigate to someone’s profile requires me to spend 15 minutes clicking Try Again, and it may not even show me what I want. A few weeks ago we were all so angry with Advertlets when it forgot to renew its own domain name, causing people’s blogs to be automatically redirected to a placeholding page. However Friendster is much worst. There is a domain, and you can’t use it.

Yet many people still use it. Or does Friendster actually hate me such that I have never managed to load things properly at their page? Friendster has tried to improve much, trying to pull its gap with Facebook. However its not working. When it tries to add improvements to the site, I wonder, why do they not improve their server capacity? Their bandwidth issues are horrendous.

Thus, I feel that we should all just migrate over to face book. Leave friendster dead and hope it never bothers us again.

2 thoughts on “Friendster is actually a lousy service

  1. I forgive you for your insults, they just merely shows how much you love sucking, and since you are a guy, I am disgusted with you.

    By the way, Friendster only has to improve their server capacity. And I have also not helped Nuffnang to improve, but rather give suggestions.

    I understand that you do not know the difference, and I will forgive you for that.

    Have a nice day. Don’t get involved in some gangfight.

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