The Golden Path

The Channel 8 megadrama, The Golden Path, ended on Monday, 21st of January, 30 episodes long. I only started watching the drama halfway throughout the shows when all the bad things start to be done and the hate start to grow.

However I must say I got a little disappointed in the final episode because there were several errors and I shall try to remember them all.

1) It is a little illogical for someone to receive a call from a doctor about being pregnant late in the night.

2) In the last episode, Kai Jie (Tay Ping Hui’s character) is already a lawyer, and has already exit from the police force. Yet, when he led police to catch Jin Long (Li Nan Xing’s character), they call him sir, according to the previous role he played as a officer of the police force.

3) Why does he have a revolver when he has already changed jobs to become a lawyer? It seems weird that he still has a police revolver.

4) The body of Jin Long’s wife is found after Jin Long returned. That should be a period of a few months or weeks, considering Jin Long has to be rescued by fisherman, treated by them and he has to come back and stage so many things and still get shot again and treated by Kai Da (Chew Chor Meng’s character). Considering that it has been so many weeks, shouldn’t it mean that the body have been hidden relatively well? Yet only after a few weeks then they found the body. But they have never said anything about how the body was found. It was found just like that. Weird.

Anyway, I discovered the I zhou kan is not very accurate in its synopsis. There were plenty of misleading errors.

All in all, it was an enjoyable drama that showed that there can be good people in gangs and also bad people in the police force.

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