Le Grand Chef

Le Grand Chef
Image linked from Asian Drama Addict

I watched this movie the other day and I must say I am quite happy with this movie. This movie is in Korean, and is about two people vying in a competition to win the Royal Chef’s Knife. Their past, as well as their grandfathers all play a huge part in the whole story. Apparantly, both of them are descendent’s of the Royal Chef’s disciple.

This movie is about the good versus evil of people, and in the end, Good triumphs over evil. I especially like it when the person who used despicable means to try to win (like stealing the opponent’s charcoal) lost instead because of his own desire to win. The other guy won because he has love for his grandfather and he prepared a bowl of soup his grandfather prepared for him, and the humble soup actually was the alleged secret beef soup prepared by the Royal Chef for the King.

I guessed correctly what the soup should be about because I could feel the loyalty of the Royal Chef to his country, as well as to his King. Spoiler alert: Thus I knew that because of his utmost loyalty, the dish he prepared should show the King that, and the only way to show loyalty is to prepare a dish with nothing but Korean ingredients and the culture.

I feel that Le Grand Chef is a great movie to catch, and it’s a heartwarming movie like Da Chang Jin. If you have money to spare, why not catch this movie?

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