What you see isn’t what you think it is: Mugging

Well its that time of the year again when the semester comes and as a result you get to see more friends and then people ask you not to mug when you arn’t really mugging. Anyway I have said many times here that working / studying is not mugging. Mugging seems to mean more about intense studying rather than just doing normal tutorials.

Anyway I just hope all this mugging talk will stop. When you see someone working, it doesn’t mean he’s mugging. He may be doing something related to his studies, but he isn’t mugging. You see, lets say if you were configuring your software that the University requires you to have, yet you have certain problems regarding the software,the first logical thing is to find help. If you are discussing with a fellow friend about the software, and is getting frustrated because the software doesn’t seem to be working well, that’s not mugging. That’s not even studying.

In the first place, why do people need to label you as a mugger? What is the purpose? Is the purpose to justify your grades? Or to put you in a lower caste? Or just plain wanting to seem hip and cool and put you in the category of nerds and geeks? By the way people, you may end up working for a geek as a boss, so please don’t think geeks as a derogatory term. It’s these computer geeks that have created so many companies today like Microsoft, Google, Facebook and what have you.

So please stop all these labeling of muggers thing, because it only serves to boost the ego of those who appear to slack, but it actually hurts these “muggers” you call because you use it not as praise but as insult.

Anyway, I think I do have the right to study hard, isn’t it? Besides, I just feel that I need to make use of my time better. I’m not just any undergraduate. I’m interested in many other things like IT and entrepreneurship and I’m trying to make my website work. Hell, would you rather me working on my PHP programming in front of you?

So, the next time you call someone a mugger, think of these things:
1) He may feel that its an insult because you seem to be telling people that he is weird and should be kept seperate.
2) He may not have much time due to other commitments, EVEN WHEN HE DOES NOT HAVE A CCA.
3) There is nothing wrong with studying hard actually.
4) It’s childish to label someone a mugger.

For friends who read my blog, if you understand what I’m trying to say, good. Keep it to yourself and don’t tell anyone else. You have just learnt to understand me better. 🙂


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